Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Well, its worth a try

I've been half-assing it for years, saying I want to write and not actually doing anything to change the fact that I'm not. So the plan for right now is to try and write 500 words a day (any words at all--preferably sensicle but not necessarily all-linked-together) for the month of November (Its like my own WriMo --which I need, because I've tried that before and its too huge a jump for me at this point: I just need to get a baseline and then I can think about upping the output into something novel-istic). I'd like to punctuate it by submitting things to various online writing communities: hopefully once a week I will submit something to either , 365tales
, Writer's Beat or Writing Gather so that I am actively putting stuff out there and interacting as well as doing that type-type-type into cyberspace that is what I understand blogging basically is.
So yeah, happy Halloween and here goes nothing. I wish Blogger had a word-count feature.